Hi, I'm Sora! The awesome, amazing, never-failing hero and Keyblade master! Whether it's a Heartless, or a nasty "heartless" Organization member, no one can keep me from being a hero and saving my friends!!!

And my friends are Kairi and Riku (Kairi now being my...girlfriend now *blushes and grins*), and I would do anything for them. I protect live to protect them and to see them laugh and smile. Even if I'm not there with them at the time, I know they'll be inside my heart and we'll be...connected, our hearts part of a larger chained web within the universe. Our hearts connect to each other, and our hearts also connect to the worlds around us.
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Personal-ish Post

Hey guys, unfortunately I have to leave KHT ^^; I haven’t been posting or reblogging anything here in…a very long time, which is due to my busy schedule and work and internships and senior year of college and *flips multiple tables* >.> Um yes. Even though I probably won’t be on the blog, I’ll leave it up. I might check in every once in a while, maybe answering any messages I get, but I don’t have the time to continue to RP as Sora. I’m sorry :( So this’ll be my last post on the blog for a while. I don’t even have the time to go on my personal. I go on every once in a while… So yeah.

Love you guys! This past year has been awesome. <3


Awww, Riku’s getting married today! :3

Anonymous supposed,
❝I ship you with Shadow Sora. No! Vanitas. No wait! .... Both.❞

So…so wait… You ship me with parts of myself. Wait, wut? Wait. No. I’m confused. What?!

way-to-the-dawn-riku supposed,
❝-Small laugh and smiles- Great. It's going to be on the 12th. Yeah I know, kinda short notice, we just decided we wanted it soon.❞

I’ll support you aalllll the way, Riku! :D

kairiheart-deactivated20111202- supposed,
❝Heroo :D❞

*hugs* Hai! :D

Anonymous supposed,
❝I ship you with Riku Riku :|❞

Wat. Okay. :| Shouldn’t be surprised about THAT one. But ewwwww.