Hi, I'm Sora! The awesome, amazing, never-failing hero and Keyblade master! Whether it's a Heartless, or a nasty "heartless" Organization member, no one can keep me from being a hero and saving my friends!!!

And my friends are Kairi and Riku (Kairi now being my...girlfriend now *blushes and grins*), and I would do anything for them. I protect live to protect them and to see them laugh and smile. Even if I'm not there with them at the time, I know they'll be inside my heart and we'll be...connected, our hearts part of a larger chained web within the universe. Our hearts connect to each other, and our hearts also connect to the worlds around us.

Riku, honestly. You make me feel like this, sometimes… -.- But you’re still my best friend!


on Mar 7, 8:11pm
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